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Preaching Taoism

Worshipping the Great Dipper

Worshipping the Great Dipper is performed to worship the gods of the celestial mansions, and it originated from the ancients’ worship of the stars. The Book of the Five Dippers, a classic upon which the Taoist worship of the stars is based on, already existed when Zhang Daoling founded his Taoist sect in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Later, the Taoist sect gradually compiled the scriptures on the worship of various constellations and celestial mansions, and worshipped the Great Dipper in particular. Sik Sik Yuen's worship of the Great Dipper is based on ancient Taoist books. In November 2006, Sik Sik Yuen held a ritual ceremony to worship the Great Dipper in the Wong Tai Sin Square for the first time, bringing back a ritual that had been lost to the world for hundreds of years.