指明地點 指明期間及時段 須進行檢測日期
嗇色園黃大仙祠 2022年1月2日 1) 2022年1月10日或11日
下午1時至2時 2) 2022年1月14日
3) 2022年1月21日




Cultural Affairs

Cultural Heritage and Promotion


  1. Publish and plan the release of more Chinese cultural books to promote the cultural undertakings of Sik Sik Yuen.
  2. Publish books on the Wong Tai Sin Belief and Customs to promote and inherit the culture of the Wong Tai Sin Belief and Customs.
  3. Assist in editing and proofreading books and cultural articles published by the Committee.
  4. Assist in editing and reviewing website articles of the Culture Committee.
  5. Assist in the timely preparation of cultural articles.
  6. Assist in the timely preparation of cultural activity records so that the Secretariat can upload the content to the website.
  7. Review materials related to the Culture Committee, such as the annual report and the Sik Sik Yuen newsletter.

  1. Organize lectures and exhibitions for the three religions of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.
  2. Conduct cultural and historical investigations in Hong Kong and China.
  3. Organize various intangible cultural heritage conservation workshops and activities.
  4. Archive various cultural relics and audiovisual souvenirs.
  5. Operate the library and purchase books, utensils, etc.
  6. Store cultural relics that have been collected.

  1. Follow up on the cultural updates of Sik Sik Yuen’s website.
  2. Fully utilize Sik Sik Yuen’s facilities to promote cultural information.
  3. Support the promotion of various cultural activities for the centenary celebration, such as new book launches, collection of cultural relics, and etc.
  4. Conduct plans to use cultural information for promotional purposes, such as by making good use of the information in the “The Abbot’s Jotting” and strengthening publicity.
  5. Coordinate the production of audiovisual materials and promote cultural information.
  6. Collaborate with cultural organizations, such as the CUHK Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, the CUHK Chinese Classics Centre, and the Filial Piety Association, to promote cultural projects.
  7. Promote Taoist culture in schools sponsored by the Yuen.