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Preaching Taoism

First Writing Ceremony

Sik Sik Yuen has always cared about helping students grow healthily and hopes to help students establish a correct outlook on life and values through the dissemination of traditional Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism culture. As the “First Writing Ceremony (Enlightened by Confucius)” held in 2018 was very popular, the Yuen decided to hold another “First Writing Ceremony” in 2019 to grant students the blessings of Master Wong Tai Sin and the enlightenment of Confucius.

In Chinese tradition, the “First Writing Ceremony” is an enlightenment ceremony held for children when they start their literacy learning. It is of great significance to new students and their parents, and symbolizes the beginning of a new journey in their life. Unlike the “First Writing Ceremony” held by those who worship Taoist deities such as Emperor Wen Chang, the “First Writing Ceremony” of Wong Tai Sin Temple is the first Taoist ceremony in Hong Kong that focuses on worshipping Confucius. The meaning of the “Six Arts and Five Virtues of Confucianism”, the “virtues of establishing oneself in the world”, etc., are explained to students and their parents through a Taoist writing ritual ceremony. This ceremony is held not only to pray for students to be among the best, but also for them to pay attention to the principles of being a person, self-cultivation, and morality, as well as to instill a positive outlook of life in students.