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Taoist Wedding Ritual

Since 1997, Wong Tai Sin Temple became a religious site authorized by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to hold Taoist weddings. Wong Tai Sin Temple has become more spacious since the expansion of the temple was completed in the year of its 90th anniversary. In addition to performing ceremonies regularly, the Sik Sik Yuen also allows the family of temple members and worshippers to apply for a Taoist wedding in the Main Altar. The Abbot of the Yuen and several directors have been appointed as legal civil celebrants of marriages.

To highlight the characteristics born from Hong Kong's fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, in addition to having the traditional wedding ceremony, the Taoist wedding rituals are complemented with a modern wedding registration ceremony. After the celebrant explains the essentials of the marriage to the bride and the groom in front of the altar of Master Wong Tai Sin, the bride and the groom will give their wedding vows to the celebrant, officiant, friends and family, and sign the marriage certificate. The atmosphere of the ceremony is both solemn and touching.

The Yuen once held a collective wedding ceremony called “Sik Sik Yuen: Witnessing the Love in Sunset Years” for 30 pairs of elderly people who were unable to have a wedding ceremony due to war or financial reasons. This touching ceremony was performed with government officials and movie and TV celebrities as witnesses, and with the blessing and protection of Master Wong Tai Sin.