- 第一參神平台暫停開放
- 上香區設於第二參神平台
- 求籤區設於第三參神平台
由於天文台預報本港未來數日天氣不穩,將會有大驟雨及雷暴。本園為保障各位參加者及年幼學子的安全,原定9月16日(星期六) 舉行之啟蒙開筆禮將會取消,敬請各位備悉。如日後補辦或作其他安排,本園會另行通知參加者,不便之處,敬希見諒。
鑑於黃色暴雨警告現正生效,本園考慮到公眾安全,以及參加者年幼,原訂於今天9月10日(日)舉行的「萬世師表孔聖先師 癸卯年二零二三啟蒙開筆禮」將順延至9月16日(六)早上同樣時間進行,敬請各位已報名的參加者注意,本園亦會逐一通知各參加者最新安排,謝謝。

Religious Affairs

Preaching Taoism

Establishing Spiritual Kinship with Master Wong Tai Sin

“Shangqi” is a ceremony performed to establish spiritual kinship with deities, and is known as “Qishen” in some areas. Shangqi is a traditional Chinese custom of praying for blessings, and it should have originated when our ancient ancestors made their children establish spiritual kinships with the tree deities, stone deities, and local deities of nature. As we all know, while the birth rate was really high in ancient China, it was not easy to raise newborn children to adulthood. Therefore, our ancestors established spiritual kinships between their children and deities to receive their blessing and protection so that they will grow up healthily. This process evolved into the “shangqi” ritual, which prayed for the protection of the gods, so that their babies can avoid all disasters and grow up without suffering any disasters or hardships.

The shangqi ceremony of Sik Sik Yuen is specially prepared by Dr. Lee Yiu-fai (Yee Kok), Abbot of Sik Sik Yuen and called the “Wong Tai Sin Shangqi Ceremony”. It is performed to invoke Master Wong Tai Sin's blessings for all of Master Wong Tai Sin's godchildren.