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Puyi Music Ensemble

The Abbot of Wong Tai Sin Temple, Dr. LEE Yiu-fai, MH, formed the “Taoist Musicians” in 2006. The musician group of Ritual Offering under the Committee was formally established as SSY Puyi Music Ensemble in 2018. The aim of this move was to develop Taoist musicians for Sik Sik Yuen to play the required music accompaniment during the repentance rituals and birthday rituals of deities. On the other hand, there are hopes that the establishment of a “Chinese music training course” will be able to provide guidance to help students master the basic skills and knowledge needed for Taoist music, so that the Yuen will have more musicians in the future to support activities such as rituals, preaching and performances to promote the ritual music of Sik Sik Yuen Puyi Altar. In order to strengthen communication and management between team members, the Music Ensemble set up four additional groups in 2019: the repentance group, preaching group, music group and general affairs group, to coordinate and implement all aspects of the Music Ensemble's training and promotion work.

At present, most members of the Music Ensemble are members or priests of Sik Sik Yuen or their relatives. After three years of training and weekly group rehearsals, the musical level of members has improved gradually.

SSY Puyi Music Ensemble has participated in and played the accompaniment for the birthday rituals, repentance rituals, wedding rituals, admittance rituals and the rituals of “Shangqi” ceremony and first writing ceremony of Sik Sik Yuen to create a solemn and sacred live atmosphere. The Music Ensemble has finished compiling the music score of the “Wong Tai Sin Repentance Ritual” and will later compile all the repentance works of Sik Sik Yuen into regular music scores to facilitate future practice.