• 日期:2022年6月25日(星期六)
  • 時間:下午2時至下午4時30分
  • 封路區域:大殿平台及財神宮平台
  • 日期:2022年6月26日(星期日)
  • 時間:上午7時30分至上午9時
  • 只開放第二、第三參神平台及盂香亭
  • 大殿平台及財神宮平台將於中午12時後開放
臨時改路措施實施期間,黃大仙祠內人流預計會較為擁擠,請遵循在場職員指示。 如有不便,敬請原諒。

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101 Route Twisk, Tso Kung Tam Park, Tsuen Wan, New Territories
(852) 2413 7122
(852) 2493 6612

Ho Koon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre

Ho Koon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre, which is located on the mountainside of Tai Mo Shan, is an alternative school set up by Sik Sik Yuen to give students a broader learning space outside of the traditional education model. Well-designed natural science, environmental education, astronomy education, and holistic learning courses are provided here for students at different learning stages, with the goal being to guide students to have an open mind about the universe and nature, teach students to be curious about things in the world, and cultivate the courage to explore. The center has an outdoor nature education trail planted with more than 200 species of plants, as well as a butterfly garden and an ecological pond. Students can learn more about natural ecology here through conducting field studies.

The centre is equipped with dozens of high-quality small telescopes, digital three-dimensional planetarium, radio telescopes, etc. It also houses a research-grade, fully computer-controlled reflecting astronomical telescope with a diameter of 0.5 meters, which is 5,000 times more sensitive than the naked eye and can be used to observe galaxies millions of light-years away from the Milky Way. From time to time, the center offers astronomy courses, special lectures, outreach activities, teacher training, and so on, to local teachers, students, and the general public to promote, popularize, and improve the astronomy knowledge of locals.

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