Religious Affairs

Preaching Taoism

Ceremony for Yin Yang

In 2011, Japan was hit by a magnitude 9 earthquake that triggered a tsunami. Taoism believes in “preaching Taoism through establishing virtue and respecting the Heaven and one’s ancestors”, as well as Laozi’s philosophy to respect the Tao, value life, and revere nature. Whenever there is an imbalance in nature, disasters that plunge the people into misery and suffering will strike. Although Hong Kong people who live in a blessed land did not experience the earthquake or tsunami personally, it is believed that they empathize with them. In view of this, the Yuen and the Hong Kong Taoist Association organized the Ceremony for Yin Yang. Member organizations and temples of the Hong Kong Taoist Association also got together to express the Hong Kong Taoist community’s concern for all living beings of the world. This ceremony was held to reach the heavens, harmonize yin and yang, and pray for good weather and a harmonious society.