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Burning Prayer Submission at Taisui Yuenchen Hall

The Sik Sik Yuen Taisui Yuenchen Hall was built in 2011. It is innovative in terms of its mode of operation and method of worship.

For this ritual, worshippers will need to report their birth date and time in front of the altar after entering the hall and use the flame of the altar to light a lotus star lamp. With the lotus star lamp in one hand and an ornament blessed by the Goddess of the Great Dipper in their other hand, they can then offer their prayer to the Taisui to invoke blessings and protection of their yuenchen. The Yuen holds ceremonies on an auspicious day every month for burning the submission on behalf of the worshippers, while the presiding Taoist priest and disciples chant the scripture. The ceremonies are both solemn and grand.