Religious Affairs

Preaching Taoism

Mr. CHEUNG Ping-chuen
Mr. WONG Leung-wai
Mr. CHAU Wing-yee
Mr. KWOK Por
Mr. WU Wing-shing
Mr. TANG Yuk-lam
Mr. LI Chung-tai

Worshipping and Repentance Rituals Subcommittee

Worshipping and Repentance Rituals Subcommittee is responsible for organizing and coordinating regular Worshipping Rituals, such as celebration of the Holy Birth Dates of the Deities, ceremonies to offer respects to ancestors, Thanksgiving in Chinese New Year etc. They assist in arranging Second Officiant and Third Officiant and other positions in the rituals, preparing worshipping settings and materials, as well as managing the Taoist costumes and instruments.

The Subcommittee also manages the schedule of repentance rituals and burning prayer submissions for the whole year. Not only handling the application of the priests, the Subcommittee also coordinates the floor plan of the registered worshippers in the repentance rituals. In addition, they are responsible for special rituals in overseas exchanges.