Social Services

Caring for the Elderly

Units that have no cases of work-related injuries in each quarter are awarded a reward for having zero cases of work-related injuries.


Four employees were recommended to take the safety supervisor course organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Council in 2019.

In 2019, a new series of "Occupational Safety and Health Exercise Education Short Films" and "Occupational Safety and Health Daily Warm-up Exercise Short Films" were filmed and released for all employees in social service units to watch.


On the day of the event, a senior coach guided all the participants to complete a Tabata circuit training routine to improve their physical fitness and health and strengthen their bodies to prevent injury; certificates of appointment of occupational safety and health supervisor were presented to 51 employees who had passed the Occupational Safety and Health Council’s Occupational Safety and Health Supervisors Course and obtained the qualification certificate; and the “Zero Work-Related Injury” reward was also awarded to the 11 units that had no work-related injuries in 2019.


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