• 日期:2022年6月25日(星期六)
  • 時間:下午2時至下午4時30分
  • 封路區域:大殿平台及財神宮平台
  • 日期:2022年6月26日(星期日)
  • 時間:上午7時30分至上午9時
  • 只開放第二、第三參神平台及盂香亭
  • 大殿平台及財神宮平台將於中午12時後開放
臨時改路措施實施期間,黃大仙祠內人流預計會較為擁擠,請遵循在場職員指示。 如有不便,敬請原諒。

Education Services

Nurturing Talents

The very first years of life begin in pre-primary education. It is the sincere wish of Sik Sik Yuen that every child attending kindergarten and child care centre has a wonderful learning experience.

Consistent with our general principles of education, we employ a light-hearted approach to pre-school education where cheerfulness of children counts as much as they’re learning. A child-oriented model in teaching and learning are adopted, implemented by qualified teachers whose professional work is supported by a wide range of teaching facilities. This is all done in order to create a happy and relaxing learning environment for our students to grow up comprehensively.

Each school establishes their own syllabus based on children’s characteristics, needs, abilities, interests and social experience, so as to identify and develop their interests and talents. They also organized different activities under the syllabus theme to provide a comfortable learning environment for students. Teachers will integrate the courses and activities of art, music and language into games that students can learn from.


We inspire and motivate children to learn actively. We teach in groups and use different music, games and storytelling to nurture their learning abilities. 


Each school sets up a comprehensive evaluation standard for each school level depending on the needs and ability of children’s age, which covers the development of knowledge, skills and attitude. Teachers will evaluate students through the lessons, speaking and homework and will reflect the result at the end of the semester.


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Unit Name
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Ho Yan Kindergarten
Ho Tak Kindergarten and Ho Tak Child Care Centre
Wong Tai Sin
Ho Shui Kindergarten
Yuen Long
Ho Lap Kindergarten
Wong Tai Sin
Ho Oi Day Nursery
Kowloon City
Ho Ching Kindergarten
Sai Kung