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The Great Offering

Sik Sik Yuen held the Great Offering in 2006, 2011, as well as 2015, and especially held a grand Great Offering ceremony at the Hong Kong Coliseum in early 2017.

The Great Offering is a simple, solemn, and culturally significant ritual performed according to the ceremonial rites of the Hunyuan Sect Altar of Quanzhen School. It is an offering made on behalf of the Hong Kong people to thank the gods and pray for blessings, as well as pray for world peace, the prosperity of China, and the prosperous development of Hong Kong.
The Great Offering can be traced back to ancient blessing ceremonies in which the emperor of the country would personally go onto the altar every year to pray for the national peace and prosperity, as well as good weather. The ceremony follows strict rules of etiquette.

The ten offerings that are dedicated to the gods during the Great Offering are: incense, flowers, lamps, water, fruits, tea, food, treasures, beads, and clothing. The offerings of the ceremony are solemn and clean. The Yuen invites government officials, representatives of religious and regional leaders, and the leaders of affiliated organizations to join the Yuen in making the offering and praying for all the people of Hong Kong.