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2021 May 09

Professional Workshop on Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography, April 24, 2021

(ESCO │ written by LIU Cheuk Chi, SSY Ho Lap College│9 May 2021)Are you interested in taking photos of our beautiful nature? Have you ever wondered how photographers take pictures of wildlife creatures without interrupting them? How much do you know about our local ecosystem? I got the answers to all these questions from the talk given by Mr. Samson So, who talked about the biodiversity of Hong Kong. The talk was not only informative but also intriguing.

Mr. Samson So studied at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Environmental Science. He has participated in the production of many books about natural ecology and green tourism. He has traveled to various places for research, education, and nature protection for 20 years.

In the talk, Mr. So introduced basic information about Hong Kong’s ecosystem. I was stunned by the beauty of our ecosystem, despite the fact that I have already learned some facts about the ecosystem in Biology lessons. People may regard Hong Kong as a ‘concrete jungle’ as the city is full of high-rise buildings. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is one of the cities that has the most abundant biodiversity. For instance, Hong Kong has more than 2100 original plants, 550 types of birds,100 types of reptiles, and bountiful marine creatures.

One of the tips that Mr. So gave us is STAR—knowledge on subjects, tools, artistic sense, and story. Before we start taking photos of our nature, we should have basic knowledge about it. For example, we should only take photos in particular areas so as not to bring too much disruption to the wildlife. Besides, Mr. So also gave us some tips about choosing the right cameras. For instance, amateur photographers should not choose very heavy photography equipment.

In short, Hong Kong is indeed a hidden gem that is full of colour and beauty. We should express our gratitude and appreciation for it. It is highly recommended that you should take some photos of nature and learn how to appreciate the beauty of it!

(Star Photography Workshop 2021 │ Student Report #7)