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To encourage worshippers to maintain social distancing and fight off the COVID-19, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple provides the Online Praying Platform to make it more convenient for worshippers who are notable to visit and pray for blessing in person. All online prayers submitted by worshippers will be blessed in regular Taoist rituals held in the Temple.

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2021 Apr 30

Professional Workshop on Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography, April 24, 2021

(ESCO│ written by WU Yiu Tsz, SSY Ho Lap College│30 April 2021)On 24th April 2021, I attended a talk about capturing the beauty of the nature in Hong Kong. The speaker of the talk was Ken Fung, who is an ecological documentary maker. Attending this talk, I have learnt a lot about the ecosystem as well as the environment of Hong Kong.

I have learnt about some interesting new things, some bird species, for instance. The talk is informative and I was able to learn things from it. I realise that the nature is a precious asset and we should stop causing damage to the ecosystem. Things will inevitably get out of hand unless we do something to conserve the planet earth. The disruption of the food chains is one of the examples. If one element is missing from the food chain, it badly affects the other elements in it. The ripple effects should never be underestimated.

Seeing the astonishing photos taken by Ken, I want to know more about how we can develop a closer and better relationship with the nature. It is obvious that we all know that it’s high time we did something to protect the environment. However, it can be hard for us to get started. I think taking photos of the beauty of the nature can be the first step. By taking such photos, we can learn about the natural habitat of the wildlife and reflect on what human beings have done to destroy it.

All in all, the talk is thought-provoking and I am fond of knowing more about photography and the nature.

(Star Photography Workshop 2021 │ Student Report #5)